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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements to become a volunteer with Sight Aid for Africa?

    Volunteers should be passionate about supporting eye health and ready to contribute their time and skills. Specific requirements may vary based on the volunteer role, such as age, education, professional background, or language skills.

  • Do I need specific qualifications or experience to volunteer?

    While some roles may require specific qualifications or experience, particularly in medical or specialized areas, there are many opportunities for individuals without specialized skills. Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are just as valuable.

  • How can I apply to be a volunteer?

    You can apply by filling out our online volunteer application form. Please provide as much detail as possible about your skills, experience, and availability.

  • Is there a minimum time commitment for volunteers?

    The time commitment varies depending on the role and the project’s needs. We appreciate any amount of time you can commit, whether it’s a few hours for a specific event or a regular weekly commitment.

  • Can volunteering lead to employment with Sight Aid for Africa?

    While volunteering is distinct from employment and there’s no guarantee of a job offer, it can be a valuable way to gain experience and familiarity with our work.

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