Dr. Yemisi Soyombo


Dr. Yemisi Soyombo is not only a distinguished Practising Therapeutic Optometrist and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist, but she is also a beacon of compassion, leveraging her skills to make a meaningful impact in the lives of underprivileged individuals in Africa. As the founder of Sight Aid for Africa Foundation, she spearheads a noble initiative dedicated to providing essential eye care services to communities in need.

  • Position:Founder, Sight Aid for Africa Foundation

Personal Info

With a stellar record of successful surgeries under her belt, conducted at the iCare Family Vision Center, Dr. Soyombo is a trusted medical professional. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her recognition as a member of both the Nigerian and Ghanaian Optometric Associations, as well as her affiliation with the Guild of Optometry Directors in Nigeria. Dr. Yemisi Soyombo’s prowess extends beyond the realm of optometry. Armed with a postgraduate Business Management Certification and ties to the Institute of Commercial Management UK, she exhibits a multifaceted aptitude in business. Additionally, her Certificate in Health Management from the EDC: Pan African University Lagos underscores her commitment to holistic healthcare. A true enthusiast of lifelong learning, Dr. Soyombo stands as an inspiration. Her diverse talents and interests, ranging from medicine to music, showcase a remarkable passion for personal growth. Branded as Dr. Ymc in the entertainment space, she seamlessly integrates her love for music and poetry. Her debut single, “Izurukeme,” produced by the renowned Efe Macroc and featuring talents like Neon Adejoh, Tobi Osho, and Adachi, is a testament to her artistic prowess. Serving as a shining example, Dr. Yemisi Soyombo encourages others to pursue their interests and hobbies while excelling in their professional careers. Beyond accolades, her impact is recognized through nominations from the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards, a testament to her outstanding contributions within just three years of operating Sight Aid for Africa Foundation. In the dynamic intersection of medicine, philanthropy, and the arts, Dr. Yemisi Soyombo continues to be a guiding force, illuminating paths to a brighter future for those in need.